The Banking Sector Education and Training Authority (BANKSETA) is a statutory body established through the Skills Development Act of 1998 as amended by the Skills Development Act 26 of 2011 to enable its stakeholders to advance the national and global position of the banking and microfinance industry. As guided by its mandate, the BANKSETA is as such an agent of transformation by promoting employment equity and broad-based black economic empowerment through skills development.

BANKSETA’s mandate includes skills development and transformation in the broader banking & microfinance sector so that a brighter future can be crafted for all South Africans. BANKSETA focuses on SMEs, the youth, adult education, continuous professional development and research.

The National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS III) places emphasis on inclusivity, integration and sustainability. In this manner, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is positioned within the skills development context as a means of facilitating access, success and progression within both the workplace and the academic world. This is of particular significance in the South African environment with its particular socio-economic development challenges including levels of education, poverty and unemployment. RPL (and its ‘sister’ construct Credit Accumulation & Transfer [CAT]) are regarded as key mechanisms utilised for “promoting and accelerating quality training for all in the Banking and Microfinance sector” in the current NSDS strategy.

It is in partial fulfilment of this mandate that BANKSETA has established this online, sectoral portal which facilitates both RPL CAT within the sector.

The BANKSETA's website is

Through this portal, you will be able to:

  • Access multiple resources explaining RPL and CAT;
  • Check exemptions you could get for the internal (employer-offered) courses you have completed;
  • Have this list of exemptions verified by uploading proof of internal course completion;
  • Be prepared for recognition of prior learning (RPL);
  • Select a provider to complete your RPL assessment.

We hope you enjoy using the portal.