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About us

Karen Receiving Award Chartall Business College is a BANKSETA accredited provider based in Johannesburg.

We have RPL-ed over 7500 people for a full or partial qualification over the past five years and we have received two awards from the SETA for our excellence in both training provision and RPL.

Chartall Business College has been the BANKSETA primary RPL provider since 2011 when we were appointed to run their flagship RPL and CAT project.

This project ran successfully until 2016, when it was decided to take the process online to give more people access to RPL. That decision led to the development (by Chartall Business College) of this BANKSETA RPL and CAT portal.

Dr Karen Deller is Chartall Business College’s Academic Director and she completed her doctoral thesis on RPL about 10 years ago. Her research and understanding is built into the RPL model we use at Chartall.

We recognise the importance of ongoing support and mediation in the RPL process and we ensure that every learner is provided with the level of assistance that they need to be a success.

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How will we support you through the RPL process?

One of the challenges of an online project like this is the challenge of arranging face-to-face classroom sessions to facilitate the RPL process.

There is a minimum class size and with people spread all over South Africa, this coordination can be very challenging.

To prevent you needing to wait once you have made the decision to start with your RPL, Chartall Business College has developed an online Learning Management System (LMS) to guide you through the RPL process.


1. Select Chartall Business College from the list of accredited RPL providers

2. We will set you up on the Chartall LMS

3. You will be able to access all the assessment tools and support material on the LMS in your own time and at your own pace

4. You will have access to an RPL adviser who can guide you and answer any specific questions you may have

5. There is also custom developed online support material for most of the unit standards and qualifications Where there are sufficient people to arrange a face-to-face classroom Chartall Business College will offer this option to learners as well.

Which qualifications can you RPL through Chartall Business College?

Chartall Business College is accredited for the following qualifications available on this portal: