What is Credit Accumulation & Transfer (CAT)?

Credit Accumulation and Transfer, or CAT, applies to subjects that you have formally studied, been assessed for and passed at another educational institution in South Africa. In the banking sector, BANKSETA also recognises some internal courses completed at employers in the sector for CAT purposes because these employers are accredited and they train in a structured and formal manner.

This recognition was ratified by BANKSETA during an evaluation process at each participating employer where selected internal training courses were evaluated and aligned to subjects or unit standards in the BANKSETA’s accredited qualifications.

During this evaluation process BANKSETA looked at:
  • The content of the internal course and how it matched to the BANKSETA unit standards or full qualification;

  • The academic level of the internal training to make sure it had parity with the BANKSETA qualification;

  • The intensity of the internal training to ensure it was at the same credit value as the BANKSETA qualification;

  • The assessment – again to make sure it met BANKSETA’s quality requirements;

  • And the record keeping of the employer – to ensure that this was verifiable and fair.

In-house courses that met these criteria were aligned to BANKSETA qualifications or unit standards. This means that you can get credit for the internal courses you have completed at your sector employer.

In addition, qualifications and subjects completed at other accredited providers could be considered for transfer if they match the subjects/unit standards of the BANKSETA qualifications.

What is CAT?

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