What is the screening process for CAT and RPL?

Both CAT and RPL have successfully been rolled out by BANKSETA since 2012 and over 7500 employees in the sector have enjoyed the benefits of getting credentialed recognition for both their formal learning (through CAT) and their informal learning (through RPL).  During the previous projects BANKSETA learnt that a form of pre-assessment was beneficial to learners prior to final enrolment onto either RPL or CAT. We have therefore built this pre-assessment into both processes in this online, self-service portal.  

The pre-assessment for CAT involves the following:
  • Logging onto the portal, selecting your employer and ticking the internal courses you have completed with them.  Do not forget to click "enter" at the bottom of the screen to save your selected courses;

  • The portal will give you an unverified report detailing your exemptions against each qualification on the portal;

  • If you wish to proceed you will be asked to submit various documents to support your claim for exemptions;

  • Once verified your list of exemptions will be final and you can move onto Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the balance of the qualification.

  The pre-assessment for RPL involves the following:
  • Scroll on your 'my progress' time line to the RPL pre-assessment questions, click on this to open the questions.  These are the questions for the the unit standards in your selected qualification that you are not exempt for;

  • Answer the questions as honestly as possible. RPL is an assessment process to assess your current knowledge and skills, so if you are not entirely honest in your self-evaluation you could end up attempting RPL unsuccessfully. This can be very demotivating.);

  • The result of the RPL pre-assessment will be a letter detailing which unit standards you are exempt for (via CAT), which ones you are a likely RPL candidate for and which ones you should probably attend training for;

  • If you wish to proceed, you will be asked to submit various documents and you will be asked to watch the ‘preparation for RPL’ video prior to selecting a provider and continuing with the RPL.

The RPL and CAT screening processes

If your network doesn't allow access to the video above, try these alternate links: Alternate 1 or Alternate 2.

We would appreciate your feedback during the RPL process so please let us know what you think and how you think the process can be improved.